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Ongoing intense earthquake swarm on Oregon-Nevada border

Posted by S. Malone, 11/08/2014

The Celebrity Examiner and Oregon Public Broadcasting have brief stories on the ongoing swarm just south of the Oregon-Nevada border.  Even though this swarm is officially in Nevada's reporting region earthquakes in it are reported on the PNSN earthquake map and show up on many PNSN seismic stations in the area.

Here are the news releases on Nevada swarm from Oregon Department of Geology and Mineral Industries and Nevada Seismological Laboratory at University of Nevada, Reno.

Earthquake Safety Comic: "Without Warning!"

Posted by A. Ling, 10/31/2014

"Without Warning!" tells the story of Cascadia High School student, Angie as she must go rescue her little sister after a large Cascadia Subduction Zone earthquake. The stroy also provide some tips to help you prepare for earthquakes and tsunmais. This publication is a partnership between Dark Horse Comics and the Oregon Office of Emergency Management (OEM) with support from Cascadia Region Earthquake Workgroup (CREW) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Volcanic eruptions in the Pacific Northwest could happen without warning

Posted by A. Ling, 09/29/2014

Mount Ontake in Japan erupted without warning on Saturday. UW geologist George Bergantz explains the sudden eruption of Japan's Mount Ontake on King 5 news. This type of eruption, known as phreatic eruption, is uncommon, but it could happen in Washington.

10 seconds of early warning for last weeks California earthquake

Posted by S. Malone, 09/01/2014

The Contra Costa Times and the Los Angeles Times have brief articles on the success of the California earthquake early warning system for last week's Mag=6 Napa Valley event.

Mag 6.0 Earthquake in California this morning

Posted by S. Malone, 08/24/2014

The Seattle Times has a lengthy story on the M=6.0 earthquake in the Napa Valley area of northern California this morning. There is a good scientific tectonic summary by the US Geologic Survey.

Some controversy in Earthquake Early Warning

Posted by S. Malone, 08/14/2014

MarketPlace news has a report on the "controversy" between a private version of EEW and the US Geological Survey sponsored version (in which the PNSN is participating).  While there are some mistakes in this report it does summarize some important issues: a cheap, semi-secret, private EEW versus a more expensive, open-information, public EEW.

How frequent is there a Cascadia mega-earthquake?

Posted by S. Malone, 08/10/2014

The Seattle Times has a very good discussion of the different interpretations of deep-sea geologic evidence for the frequency and size of our big earthquakes.  There is no question that they occur, just what some of the evidence for their frequency means.  A more garbled view of the controversy was in the science journal, Nature, last week.

iMUSH active experiment will show on PNSN stations

Posted by S. Malone, 07/20/2014

The iMUSH active experiment will start this Tuesday (Jul 22) night with a number of explosions being set off in boreholes in the general Mount St. Helens area.  The PNSN is making available realtime seismic data from our stations for iMUSH scientists (and anyone) to monitor these shots as they occur. See the iMUSH blog entry for these realtime recordings.

iMUSH experiment is underway

Posted by S. Malone, 06/20/2014

A crew of 15+ scientists in up to 7 vehicles are installing seismic stations in the Mount St. Helens area for a two year experiment.  Checkout the almost daily updates and less frequent blogs for the iMUSH experiment on its WEB PAGE (

Doc Hastings Committee Explores Earthquake Early Warning

Posted by B. Steele, 06/12/2014

Congressman Doc Hastings (Washington's 4th District), Chairman of the House Natural Resources Committee, oversaw testimony on the importance of EEW to the Pacific Northwest.

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