Black Sea earthquakes panic Georgians

 Georgia lies in a belt of north-south compression that squeezes up the Caucausus Mountains. The deformation is accompanied by earthquakes. The earthquakes there are reported by the Seismic Monitoring Centre of Georgia.  Civil Defense officials are facing an increasingly panicky populace, put on edge by "the usual" non-scientfic predictions of disasterous earthquakes. While scientists don't know whether a larger earthquake will come soon or not, and are doing what they can to calm the public, it is important to spread the word that taking reasonable precautions just in case the swarm is not ending soon is the best approach. This is a difficult situation societally and an interersting seismological development we'll be keeping an eye on. A not dissimilar situation, with a clumsy attempt to calm a panicky public, led to the arrest and conviction of seismologists in Italy for manslaughter following the L'Aquilla earthquake in 2009.

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