2016 RAC Agenda

                                                                        May 5th 2016



ANSS-PNW Advisory Committee Meeting

May 23rd, 2016 from 9:30am-3pm

University of Washington Club, Yukon Pacific Room

2016 RAC Members

2016 RAC Minutes

9:00     Coffee and Danish

9:30     CB Crouse:  Introductions and review of agenda

9:50     Community reports (10 min. each)

·      CB Crouse – 2020 NEHRP seismic provisions – Project 17 - ppt

·      Brian Sherrod – USGS, Comments from Steve Hickman and Cecily Wolf

·      Maximilian Dixon—WA EMD

·      Tim Walsh or Dave Norman—WA DNR

·      Brad Avy or Ian Madin —DOGAMI

·      Oregon OEM – Andrew Phelps

·      John Cassidy, Teron Moore, — Status of seismic monitoring in British Columbia - ppt

11:00   Paul Bodin, Doug Toomey:  PNSN status and plans - ppt

·      Action items from 2015 meeting.

·      Operations and financial status (stations, processing, SIS, AQMS, NetQuakes)

·      PNSN-UO status: PNSN Staff, advances in Oregon, new stations, developing partnerships (Toomey) - ppt

·      PNSN-UW status: USGS EEW staff, space issues; Volcanoes, Hanford/E. Washington)

·      ANSS Products (ComCat, ShakeCast, ShakeMap)

·      EEW development status - ppt; Moore Foundation, Amazon Catalyst, PSE, and Intel. Challenge: we really want State involvement in this. How should we proceed?


12:00   Lunch sponsored by the UW Foundation, Friends of Earthquakes fund:


With our mouths full: Discussion topic: assume the USGS will release the open, public version of the West Coast Earthquake Early Warning System on June 1, 2018. What should be happening within the region to prepare for the roll-out in addition to getting the science and alerts right? How can we start working to bridge gaps?


1:00    John Vidale (and others): PNSN Related topics.

·      M9 project

·      Urban@UW and Seattle URM initiatives

·      Joan Gomberg: Cascadia Rising exercise - ppt

·      David Schmidt: Moore offshore project

·      Liquefaction array (if not covered earlier)

·      Other regional science research (if there appears to be time)

1:30     CB Crouse: Discussion. [Are we headed in the right direction(s)? What course corrections need we make?]

2:45     CB Crouse:  Follow-up on issues unresolved, action items.

3:00  Adjourn (towards Pub)

3:15  Beer in UW Club Pub


Action Items from 2013:

1.  Planning in the face of potential large budget fluctuations

2.  Keep RAC informed of EEW results.

3.  Coastal strong motion stations according to Moore plan.

4.  Publicize roll out of new PNSN web site.

5.  Issue of retaining Cascadia Initiative stations.


Action items from 2015:

1.  Change schedule or function of RAC.

2.  Continued evolution of EEW

3.  Hazard Center developments

4.  Hanford developments


Please send your agenda suggested additions and comments to wsteele@uw.edu.