NetQuakes seismographs (or NQ boxes) are linux-based internet appliances packaged with an inexpensive but high-quality triaxial MEMS accelerometer. The systems use Network Time Protocol to time stamp the data. Different from nearly all other stations in the network, continuous data from each station is not stored, rather each system is set to trigger if the ground motion exceeds a minimum level. The NQ box then makes contact with a server in Menlo Park, California, which pulls the data onto disk. An automatic and immediate process transmits the data on to Seattle, where they are incorporated into our automatic and reviewed data processing. NQ boxes are a product of the Swiss company GeoSig.

In the early 2010, PNSN began installing NetQuakes instruments in and around Seattle to help record earthquakes in the region. Today, there are about 100 NetQuakes scattering around the Pacific Northwest. Most of our ~70 NetQuakes stations are hosted by private citizens in their homes, and use the hosts internet connection for data transfer. Several are located in small business offices or government buildings.

More information on our NetQuakes Data Page.