Pacific Northwest Region of the ANSS

The PNSN has been designated by the USGS and the ANSS to be the authoritative seismic network for Washington and Oregon States. PNSN earthquake locations and magnitudes within the region become part of the ANSS National Earthquake Catalog. The ANSS structure encourages regioal networks to organize Regional Advisory Committees. The PNSN organized a two day workshop with for regional network operators, scientists, and stakholders on June 15-16, 2000 hosted by the Bank of America in Seattle. At that meeting the boundries of the region, management structure, and the activities of the regional network operators were discussed.

Over the following year the PNW Region of the ANSS was organized and Regional Advisory Committee (RAC) was organized and held its first meeting on February 21st 2001, just 7 days befor the M 6.8 Nisqually Eaathquake struck. CB Crouse of URS Corporation generously agreed to serve as Chairman of the committee from that first meeting to the present. Since then the committee has met annually with sub-committees working in between annual meetings on specific issues such as strong motion seismometer siting and planning to instrument structures. Minutes from all RAC meetings and supporting materials can be accessed on the website.