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PNSN Principal Investigators:


Harold Tobin

Director/UW Professor


Paul Bodin

Network Manager/UW Research Professor

Steve Malone

UW Professor Emeritus

Doug Toomey

University of Oregon Professor


Gillean Arnoux

Research Seismologist

Brendan Crowell

Research Geodesist

Doug Gibbons

Field Engineer/Seismology Lab Coordinator

Renate Hartog

Research Seismologist

Alex Hutko

Research Seismologist

Erin Krogh

Program Coordinator

Leland O'Driscoll

University of Oregon Research Seismologist

Mouse Reusch

ShakeAlert Coordinator

Colin O'Rourke

USGS Supervisory Geophysicist

Lynn Simmons

USGS Network Director/ Supervisory Geophysicist

Bill Steele

Director of Outreach & Information Services

Lucy Walsh

University of Oregon Outreach Coordinator

Erin Wirth

USGS Research Geophysicist/Duty Seismologist

Amy Wright

Seismic Analyst



Marc Biundo

Research Engineer

David Bowen

USGS Field Technician

Mickey Cassar

Field Engineer

Jon Connolly

Solutions Architect


Andrew Hadlock

Multi-Hazards FIeld Technician

Karl Hagel

Seismic Technician


Tim Jurgensen

USGS IT Specialist

Victor Kress

Computer Specialst/Scientific Programmer

Kyla Marczewski

Software Engineer

Sara Meyer

University of Oregon Field Engineer

Brendan Pratt

Field Technician

Brett Zimmermann

USGS Field Technician

Post-doctoral Researchers & Graduate Students:

Kelley Hall

Seismology Graduate Student

Nancy Sackman

MESSAGe Graduate Student

Ian Stone

Seismology Graduate Student

Mika Thompson

Seismology Graduate Student


Undergraduate Student Staff:

Brek Chiles

Undergraduate Student

Natalie Chow

Undergraduate Student

Justin Clayton

Undergraduate Student

Benjamin Pratt

Undergraduate Student

Elizabeth Urban

Undergraduate Student