Sensor Map

Where are the seismographs?



HWK1 is at field level under the east stands near the 35 yard line.  At the ground level this station is the quietest and sees the least amount of seismic noise (squiggles) on the seismograph - or in this case the Hawk-o-Gram.    

HWK2 and HWK4 are on the third level of the west stands.  At the upper levels the seismic station will experience more noise and higher amplitudes (vertical displacement of the squiggles).

HWK3 and HWK5 are on the third level on east side.

KDK (the station that detected the 2011 #beastquake) is a permanent station inside a building just to the west of the stadium.

HWK6 is inside the Hawk's Nest about 200 feet above the ground level and will be more noisy, especially during the game!