Waveform Data

There are ways to obtain ground motion records or images of the seismic traces from our network data that we record and archive.

PNSN Seismograms - Images of current and archived ground motion for nearly all PNSN and contributing network channels.


Strong Motion Center - [straightforward interface to strong motion data, but only for our largest earthquakes]


IRIS DMC Archive [complete data archive, but a bit complicated and using a variety of request methods, the following links are some good starting points] 

• To use IRIS to view all stations that have operated in the PNSN network region, start here: https://www.iris.edu/gmap/?minlat=42&maxlat=49&minlon=-127&maxlon=-117

• For access to realtime data from IRIS, please start here: https://www.iris.edu/data/bud/#real

• For access to historic (archived back to 1980) data from IRIS, start here: https://www.iris.edu/SeismiQuery/breq_fast.phtml

• And, for access to webservice data access at IRIS, (http:port80 access) start here: https://www.iris.edu/ws/