Seismology Lab Tours

The Seismology Lab at the University of Washington offers facility tours and age-appropriate discussions covering a variety of topics for K-12 classes. Subjects covered may include a brief overview of the Plate Tectonic Theory and how those processes have formed the western margin of North America including Western Washington; the three source zones where earthquakes occur in the Pacific Northwest, why they occur, and their effects; what seismic waves are and how "P" or primary waves differ from "S" or shear waves; and how earthquakes are located and measured. Other topics within volcanism, glaciation, geology, and oceanography may be addressed by prior arrangement.

Tours are usually scheduled for one hour and can accommodate groups of 10-25 persons, and student groups must be in the 4th grade or higher. Due to high demand for Seismology Lab tours, particularly in the spring, teachers are encouraged to schedule their field trips early. 

Tours are free, by appointment only. To schedule a tour, please email or call 206-685-8180. 

If you are planning a trip and would like information on other resources offered at the University, see the University of Washington K-12 Resource Guide.