RAC Meeting 2004

Agenda of ANSS Pacific Northwest Regional Advisory Committee Meeting

Feb 3, 2004 9:00am - 12:30 

Seismology Lab (QRC-conference rm)


I. Welcome and agenda review - Crouse


II. Review of ANSS National activities

a. National Steering Committee activities - Weaver

b. National Integration Committee activities - Malone


III. Review of regional activities

a. Existing and new station summary - Malone

b. Operation & ShakeMap upgrades - Malone

c. Status of Duwamish array - Thomas, Steele, Palmer, Perkins/Chang


IV. Review of Structural Monitoring plans

a. National policy for site selection - Savage (via conf-phone)

b. Regional plans - Hooper


IV. Plans for Information Products development/use

a. National/CREST plans - Weaver

b. Regional plans - Steele

c. Subcommittee formation - Crouse, Crawford


V. Policy discussion on cooperative instrument purchase and siting - Malone


VI. Rotation/replacement of committee members and next meeting - Crouse


VII. New business