Eastern Washington Reports

The Pacific Northwest Seismic Network under contract to Mission Support Alliance, provides uninterrupted collection of high-quality raw and processed seismic data from the combined Hanford Seismic Network (HSN) and Eastern Washington Regional Sub-Network (EWRSN) for the U.S. Department of Energy and its contractors. The PNSN/MSA team is responsible for identifying and locating sources of seismic activity that might affect the Hanford site, monitoring changes in the historical pattern of seismic activity surrounding the Hanford Site, and monitoring ground motion to provide data to constrain studies of earthquake effects on the Hanford site. Seismic data are compiled, archived, and published for use by the Hanford Site for waste management, natural phenomena hazards assessments, and engineering design and construction. In addition, the team works with the Hanford Site Emergency Services Organization to provide assistance in the event of a significant earthquake on the Hanford Site. The HSN and the EWRSN together consist of ~ 49 individual sensor sites and 15 radio relay sites maintained by the PNSN.

For reports on the Eastern Washington part of the PNSN  (also includes Western Washington and full network reports too) see the PNSN legacy report web pages.

Annual Reports on Earthquake Monitoring of Eastern Washington

Fiscal Year 2014  Hanford Seismic Quarterly Report.

Fiscal Year 2013  Hanford Seismic Quarterly Report

Fiscal Year 2012  Hanford Seismic Quarterly Reports

 Fiscal Year 2011 Hanford Seismic Quarterly Reports

External Reports on Earthquake Monitoring of Eastern Washington