Outreach Overview

One of the ways PNSN carries out its mission to reduce harmful effects of earthquakes is to promote the scientific understanding of earthquake hazards and how to prepare for seismic events. Our education and outreach programs, through this website, press releases, social media, and lab tours, present the latest scientific information on earthquakes, volcanoes, and the hazards they pose, as well as information on risk reduction specific to the Pacific Northwest. 

We invite you to explore our Outreach section to learn more about:

After getting a foundation in seismology from the pages in this section, explore the earthquake data and volcano seismicity sections for interactive tools populated by live data feeds from our seismometers throughout the region.  Visit our website often for the most recent regional earthquakes and the latest in our scintillating blog. If you are quaking in your boots about seismic catastrophes, be sure to take a look at the FAQ page to see responses from our seismologists to common questions and concerns.
Teachers, if you want to shake things up a bit in your classroom, schedule a field trip to the PNSN lab. Click on Seismology Lab Tours to get things rolling (or shaking!).