Earth Science Resources

The following are links to outside sources for educational resources; the link will open a new window to the specified page. We have reviewed these links and they are trusted sites.

USGS Earthquake Hazards Education Page:

Provides information on different types and sources of earthquakes as well as information on detection and monitoring. There are sections for kids and educators. 

USGS Animations for Earthquake Terms and Concepts Page:

Provides animations which attempt to help explain terminology and concepts frequently used regarding earthquakes. 

IRIS Earthquake Education Page

A wealth of information and resources can be found on this page, including animations, lessons, and even professional development for teachers. 

One of their great resources is their Teachable Moments page which takes recent larger earthquakes and gathers all pertinent information about the event, even down to the basic earthquake mechanics which caused it.

SCEC’s Communication, Education, and Outreach (CEO) Program Page:

The Southern California Earthquake Center (SCEC) provides useful education materials to educate and prepare students for living in earthquake country. 

CVO: Cascade Volcano Observatory:

CVO mointers and reports on the Volcanoes in the Cascade Range. Any information you may want on a particular volcano can be found here.

UC Berkeley's Model of Sea-floor Spreading

A teacher's guide/lesson plan that details Earth's layers, plate tectonics, and Earth's magnetism/polarity. The USGS also has one.

Indiana University's Earthquake Science Workshop Materials:

Their program aims to bring earthquake science into the classroom, and their website houses materials which they have used for their workshops in the past.

USGS General Education Page:  

Provides copies of popular maps, earth science lesson plans, images, online lectures, and other informational resources.

USGS earthquake learning for kids:  

Provides fun earthquake-based materials for young kids such as coloring pictures and puzzles.

AGI General Education Page:

Provides a variety of earth science education materials.

GSA General Education Page:

Provides lesson plans, courses in earth science, and many geological programs and products for use. "Are You Ready" Page:

Provides information on being prepared for an earthquake. Resources include: steps to follow during an event, an emergency kit checklist, and even a quick test to see if you are really ready.

7Steps to Earthquake Safety Page:

Provides step-by-step guide with details on what to do before, during, and after an earthquake.